Thank you for an excellent week! You pushed us, but you were supportive and engaging throughout, and you made it fun. You are an excellent instructor and are clearly in a “good fit” field of work. I am so impressed by your abilities to draw students in and to move different-level students up at their own pace!

Christina, Calvin Crest Outdoor School

I felt very supported in the learning environment by both the course structure & my instructor. The combination of classroom setting and hands-on learning were very effective. I felt that the timeline and time management of the course were challenging yet conducive to student success.

Amy, University of Redlands Outdoor Program

Brigitte was very approachable yet professional. She has a great balance in her teaching that brings both hard work and “getting down to business” along with engagement and fun. I was kind of dreading this course before it started, but it ended up being extremely valuable and interesting thanks to her instruction. I definitely met my learning goals and feel far more confident in my skills and decisions. Thanks for leading this process!

Autumn, WFR Student

Brigitte, you are an amazing teacher. If you are talking, I am totally engaged. Being in the outdoor Ed/guiding field, you are a huge role model for me. It was very helpful when you would stay after class and answer extra questions we couldn’t squeeze into the day. Also, your ability to debrief is phenomenal. That’s not always an easy thing to do, but your questions did a great job at opening up an engaging discussion. Not only were your lectures really interesting, but you did a great job at teaching the hands-on stuff. I enjoyed all of the “pro tips” you added along the way.

Haley, Camp Manito-Wish YMCA

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