The EMT Refresher Course meets the 24 hours of coursework required to renew in the State of California, including skill verification. CEUs can be applied toward the National Registry 40-hour requirement. The course includes BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR through the American Red Cross. Those requiring BLS for HCP CPR certification must complete the online coursework before class.

The EMT Refresher Course also covers the required State of California training in naloxone and epinephrine administration and glucometer use.

Time Commitment:

  • E-Learning (3+ Hours)
    • Learners are expected to complete the BLS CPR online assignments before class if they require certification (approximately 3 Hours).
    • All learners can access the skill verification skill sheets and other curriculum resources. Learners are highly encouraged to review them before their arrival to class. Time spent varies from student to student.
    • Technology requirements include:
      • A computer that has the following:
        • Internet Access
        • PDF Reader
        • Anti-Virus Software
        • Internet Browser (latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge). Note: Safari is not compatible with our LMS.
  • In-Person Learning (24+ Hours)
    • Learners participate in 3 consecutive days of in-person training.

Certifications Offered:

  • “BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR” valid for 2 years (American Red Cross upon request)
  • 24 CEU Hours (CAEMSA – ICEMA EMT CEU Program)
  • CAEMSA Skill Verification

* All students will be provided an electronic copy of their BLS CPR certification, a CEU certificate, and a breakdown of topics covered by hours.

Included Materials:

  • Access to electronic textbooks and handouts via our learning management system.

Select the category to view the NREMT CEU topics are covered as part of the core curriculum:

  • Ventilation
  • Oxygenation

  • Post-Resuscitation Care
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

  • Trauma Triage
  • CNS Injury
  • Hemorrhage Control

  • OB Emergencies
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatric & Behavioral Emergencies
  • Toxicological Emergencies – Opioids
  • Neurological Emergencies – Seizures
  • Endocrine Emergencies – Diabetes
  • Immunological Emergencies

  • EMS Provider Hygiene, Safety, Vaccinations
  • EMS Culture of Safety
  • Crew Resource Management
  • EMS Research
  • Evidence Based Guidelines

  • Asynchronous CPR
  • Naloxone Administration
  • Glucometer Use
  • Epinephrine Administration

  • Patient Assessment System

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a current EMT certification* or be an NREMT candidate that requires a refresher before taking the cognitive exam.

* EMTs with certifications that have expired may recertify if the date of expiration was less than two years ago. Please visit the ICEMA EMT certification guidelines and the NREMT recertification guidelines for more information.

EMT Refresher

October 18, 2024 - October 20, 2024

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